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Our Education System


 The programme synthesized from the best applications

The education programme that we apply in our school, is made by the synthesize of the preschool education programmes which are currently being implemented by several elite enterprises from America and Europe (High Scope , Primary Years Program, Gems, Scamper).

The base of the programme is developed from active learning.

To discover with games and drama, and to experience in life is rested in all the activities applied. In this programme children benefit from the materials they have,  use all of their senses, try and live to learn.


Games are the base of our education programme.

Children have an environment with many unknowns, and they make their environment intelligible for themselves by straining it with games. Games are their most natural learning ambience. Because for children, games are the experimental fields where they satbilize what they heard, what they saw and tried and what they learned. To prepare a productive learning environment that children can contact with their friends and mateirals, influences the kids creativity, problem solving skills and communication abilities in a positive way.



•Character Education

•Our Activities

Elite nursery school activities,

It is planned to secure the children to improve their mental, physical and psychological talents and achieve a versatile personality. Our activities are in a mode that encourage the children, urge them to enlarge their personal limits and provide the necessary opportunities to themselves. In our education programme, there is a secured complete system unity in contents and organizational way.


The main programme; English and Turkish Language Activities


The programme is presented in a unity enriched by of preparation to read write studies, science and nature studies, art studies, creative dramas, music, movement education and kitchen activites. Additionally, the projects are supported by tours, participations of families, and social activities.