ELİT PRESCHOOL, primarily purposes to provide increase on emotion of trust and to make the children live SCHOOL LOVE in their first school experience. Accordingly, in its education activities; with considering the age specialities and individual differences, prepares the appropriate conditions. It is arranged in a supportive way to development of children. It has a specially equipped and hygienic place.

Expert and experienced teaching staff,

Our academical staff are made up of experts who approaches to children with love, graduated from early childhood education or psychology department, experienced in his/her branch, creative, self-renewing (seminar, inservice education, publication follow-up, etc.), observer, researcher, constructive, and have quality to be good role models in every respect and exhibit a flexible personality if necessary.

To focus on every children individually,

In ELİT PRESCHOOL, every children are approached in the way of their own personal characteristics and differences. Due to this approach, the progress on all development zones of every child observed with objective scales and these informations are shared regularly with parents. Each group has two teachers employed, one responsible teacher and one assistant teacher works with him/her.

In-life learning with trips

We accept our preschool children as unexperienced individuals. School trips generate the important learning experiences of research/investigation subjects which form the base of our education and teaching program. At the beginning of year, about these trips which determined according to their research and investigation subjects, approval are got from families. Before the trip, sensation making prior knowledge is given to children, and made them researchers. Different activities are arranged for each subject. The experiences achieved on trips are designed after trip. Thus, children are socialized and live the most natural learning process. The trips are organized in İstanbul full time with a meal or half time, and actualized with school services.

School-parents-teacher cooperation

We believe the happiness of our children can be provided with an interactive school-parents cooperation. Therefore, we follow the parents’ emotions, opinions and impressions with attention. We come together periodically with various activities to share your opinions. In these special activities, when our children having fun and play, we review the opinions of our parents and transfer our opinion about the development of our children. We provide a closer interaction to our parents with school experience with parent meetings, special days, celebrations, trips.