Social Skills Study

The studies aimed at social ability improving

In-class group works are made to support the friendship skills of students.

To Understand The Emotions

Objective: To understand the basic emotions (happiness, anger, sadness, fear, shyness and pride) and cope with emotions.

To Understand The Emotions of Others

Objective: To have the students use their facial expression to understand the emotions of other. To teach students the necessity to change their behavior depending on their friends’ emotions.

To Talk With Others

Objective: To help the students gain the necessary skills to start conversation with others.

To Respect The Differences

Objective: To encourage the students to respect the differences of others and to see the goodness in people.

To Await One’s Turn

Objective: To have the students learn the importance of awaiting one’s turn and how to wait in a queue.

Problem Solving

Objective: To present the problem solving model that helps the students to solve their problems. In this session, three steps of problem solving, problem solving strategies and anger management are explained and applied.